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Unleash the True Potential of Your Interior Business with AI-Driven Excellence Streamline your efforts to be fast, efficient and profit driven.

Are you fully harnessing the power of AI for your interior business? Chances are, you're barely scratching the surface, if at all. While you might be using AI for basic tasks, our AI-Driven Success course will unveil the myriad ways AI can revolutionize your interior business. From marketing strategies to content creation and beyond, AI holds the key to unlocking uncharted possibilities that can take your business to unprecedented heights.


Discover the Untapped Potential of AI for Interior Success


Embrace the AI Revolution or Risk Falling Behind

The AI revolution is here, and it's not waiting for anyone. AI has firmly established its presence in various industries, including interior design. As the digital landscape evolves, adapting to AI-powered strategies becomes crucial for staying competitive. The choice is clear: adapt or risk being left behind. Our AI-Driven Success course is your gateway to mastering AI within the interior industry, propelling your brand forward.

Ai marketing and how you can use it in your business. Ai can help with SEO, automations, marketing and how to save time

We get it – the digital landscape can feel overwhelming. 


I am sure you have struggled to find just the right words to paint an Instagram-worthy picture of your designs?


And oh, the battle for Google's attention – you crave that organic traffic, yet wrestling with words to craft SEO-friendly content feels like a never-ending nightmare.


The hours spent perfecting paragraphs could be goldmines when invested in money-making tasks. Hiring a marketing agency or adding more hands to the team? Let's face it, that's not always on the table.


And hey, we haven't forgotten the puzzle of understanding what your audience truly craves.


What if we told you there's a way to create on-the-go videos without the agonizing 'what-do-I-say' panic?

We live in a fast-paced digital era!

This is your chance to shine in the interior industry.

With our AI marketing course, the time is ripe to seize the spotlight, make your brand unforgettable, and stay miles ahead of the competition.”

Be an early adopter and streamline your marketing efforts

About me

My name is Maryna King and I am an interior design professional, much like yourself, paving the way for your Ai.

I'm here to guide you with tangible insights and industry-specific strategies.


This course is meticulously tailored with recommendations and case studies rooted in the interior sector.


Because it empowers you with hands-on expertise to seamlessly infuse AI into your enterprise.


With over two decades in the styling industry, my experience is yours to tap into. My credentials span completed marketing studies, a colour and design certificate, and a foundation in Interior Design. As an early adopter with a firm belief in AI's potential.

I also run my own accessory brand, offering insights from that realm. 

Maryna King Ai Mastering Hub
Can I use ai for interior design
Ai for interior designers

Wouldn't it be nice?

Experience up to 20-Hour Weekly Boost in Productivity

Imagine gaining up to 20 hours back each week.

That's the remarkable advantage AI can bring to your interior business.

AI isn't just a buzzword – it's a game-changer. However, utilising AI's full potential requires more than trial and error.

Our AI-Driven Success course arms you with strategies that harness ChatGPT'scapabilities, giving you a competitive edge and multiplying your productivity.


Consider the advantages:

With AI at your side, you're not just recovering time – you're revolutionizing your approach to productivity.

This isn't about superficial buzzwords; it's about leveraging a game-changing technology that has the potential to reshape the landscape of your business.

Why this course?

Tailored for Interior Businesses
 Industry Expert Creator  
User-Friendly Learning
Practical Implementation
Bite-Sized Lessons
Maximum Value Delivery
Real-World Results

Relevant insights and strategies that resonate with your industry, maximizing your marketing impact.


Practical insights and real-world examples that bridge the gap between theory and application.


Seamlessly learn and implement AI strategies without feeling overwhelmed by technical jargon.


Gain the skills to not just understand AI but actually leverage its potential to achieve tangible results in your campaigns.


Flexibility to learn on your schedule, making it convenient for busy professionals to upskill.


Every lesson provides actionable insights, optimizing your time spent on learning.


Achieve increased engagement, conversions, and business growth by utilizing AI-driven marketing strategies tailored for your field.

Ai marketing course for interior designers and stylists, property stylists and home decor retailers.

At just AU$85, this course isn't an expense – it's a calculated investment in nurturing your interior business's growth and success. 

"Consider this: hiring a professional for a single blog could cost more than what our course offers. By enrolling in this course, your very first blog could cover the cost and more. It's an investment that pays you back."

Let's look at this in more detail!

While you may not require every marketing option, this course provides valuable insights.


Enrolling will lead to immediate cost savings, essentially making it a cost-neutral investment!

If you have an in-house marketing expert, they'll gain additional time for strategic planning and aiding other business tasks. Alternatively, you can cut costs and hours as per your business needs.

Saving time by using AI
Ai course for trades people

Turning desires into reality 

The our AI Marketing Course is your tailored solution, if these are some of your challenges:

  • Limited time & resources

  • Content Creation Struggles

  • Audience Understanding

  • Visibility and Competition

  • Consistent Branding

  • Technology Adoption

  • Social Media Management

  • Conversion and EngagementAdapting to Trends

Designed to specifically address these pain points in the interior industry, this course is here to alleviate your stresses and help you achieve your goals. Whether you're seeking relief from these challenges or aiming to elevate your brand's visibility and engagement, AI-Driven Success is the comprehensive solution that empowers you to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in your interior business journey

If spending excessive time on content creation is a pain, if you're seeking effective marketing avenues without the brainstorming struggle, and if you're eager for a clear path to content that aligns with your business goals, our course is the solution.


It addresses time-consuming tasks, offers impactful marketing strategies, and equips you with the tools to create goal-oriented content.


Will it work for you? Absolutely.

Through live demonstrations, you'll witness firsthand the efficiency of content creation. I'll employ relatable examples from the interior industry to guide you in the practical implementation of the concepts you've learned. It's about bridging theory with action, ensuring you're ready to apply your newfound knowledge."

Ai Course for interior industry 1 copy.jpg
Ai Course for interior industry 1 copy.jpg

This is more than just a course – it's a transformative journey!

We're opening the door to a specially tailored curriculum, exclusively designed for the interior industry. And that's not all – we've got some exciting bonuses lined up that will supercharge the value of your investment. Are you ready to revamp your marketing and take your brand to new heights?


What you will learn in the Ai marketing course:

•AI Introduction.

•AI-Powered Content Creation.

•Plagiarism Detection.

•Strategic Prompting Methods.

•Result-Driven Content Strategies.

•Effortless SEO Integration.

•Social Media Mastery.

•Blogs and Website Enhancement.

•Elevated Email Campaigns.

•Captivating Video Scripts.

•Visual appeal.

Additional Tools and Strategies:

  • Implementation Tools: Practical tools for seamless AI strategy implementation.

  • Batch Content Creation: Generate multiple high-quality content pieces efficiently.

  • Reverse Engineering for Marketing Collateral: Repurpose content for effective marketing materials.

At just $85, this course isn't an expense – it's a calculated investment in nurturing your interior business's growth and success.


Imagine AI-Driven Success as your all-access pass to a journey filled with value. This isn't just a purchase; it's a catapult that propels your brand towards an invaluable return.

"Consider this: hiring a professional for a single blog could cost more than what our course offers. By enrolling in this course, your very first blog could cover the cost and more. It's an investment that pays you back."

"And that's not all. As part of this course, I'll reveal the art of batch content creation, unveil platforms to safeguard against plagiarism, divulge strategies for crafting unique content across platforms, guide you in seamlessly integrating SEO into your marketing materials, and even teach you how to effortlessly record videos on the go – no need to memorize scripts.


This course goes beyond just learning about AI; it's about the hands-on implementation of the knowledge you'll gain.

17 Lessons

1 Bonus Lesson

All case studies included

Downloadable notes

6 different Platforms to help you implement your strategies.


Ai marketing course for interior designers and stylists, property stylists and home decor retailers.

Money Back Guaranteed

We're more than confident that AI-Driven Success will change your interior business game. We're so confident that we're offering a risk-free, full money-back guarantee, within 7 days or purchasing your course.

If you feel that this course doesn't save you time, we'll happily refund your investment.


Your success is what we're all about.

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