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Business Savvy Solutions that will Save you Hours Everyday!

Looking for an easy and effective solution to help you with those annoying tasks in your business which can sometimes take up too much time?


Just thinking about social media, I am sure you have struggled to find just the right words to paint an Instagram-worthy picture of your designs?


And oh, the battle for Google's attention – you crave that organic traffic, yet wrestling with words to craft SEO-friendly content feels like a never-ending nightmare. 


The hours spent perfecting paragraphs could be goldmines when invested in money-making tasks. Hiring a marketing agency or adding more hands to the team? Let's face it, that's not always on the table.


If this sound familiar the you've found the right place!

We offer courses that focusses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) but keep things SIMPLE AND SUPER EASY to understand and implement!

Ai marketing course for interior designers and stylists, property stylists and home decor retailers.
Ai marketing course for interior designers and stylists, property stylists and home decor retailers.

Who Are The Courses For?

If you or your business is in the interior space and you are one of the following:

  • Interior Designer or Stylist

  • Property/Home Stylist

  • Home Decor or Furniture Retailer

  • Online Home Retailer

  • Trades Person/Business

then yes this course is for you​!

How Would You Benefit?

  • Time-Saving 

  • Money-Saving

  • Enhance Efficiency

  • Brain Storming

  • Create marketing material that your audience are looking for.

  • Create mood boards


  • Creating a month's worth of social media content in less than 8 minutes.

  • Batch create social media posts

  • Creating 30 supporting images in less than 9 minutes.

  • A year's worth of blogs in under 30 minutes.

  • Potentially Experience up to 20-hour weekly boost in productivity

Being in the industry, I understand the time constrains that you are constantly working under and that is why I know this will help you in so many ways.

Ai Course for interior industry

Why this course?

Tailored for Interior Businesses
 Industry Expert Creator  
User-Friendly Learning
Practical Implementation
Bite-Sized Lessons
Maximum Value Delivery
Real-World Results

Relevant insights and strategies that resonate with your industry, maximizing your marketing impact.


Practical insights and real-world examples that bridge the gap between theory and application.


Seamlessly learn and implement AI strategies without feeling overwhelmed by technical jargon.


Gain the skills to not just understand AI but actually leverage its potential to achieve tangible results in your campaigns.


Flexibility to learn on your schedule, making it convenient for busy professionals to upskill.


Every lesson provides actionable insights, optimizing your time spent on learning.


Achieve increased engagement, conversions, and business growth by utilizing AI-driven marketing strategies tailored for your field.

We have the the following Courses for you: 

  • The Basics of AI included with all courses

  • Crafting Blog Content 

    • ​Detecting Plagiarism with Technology

    • Creating Content with Impact

    • Content with SEO in mind - simplified

    • Newsletters


  • AI Social Edge for Business Course

    • Video scripts​

  • Emails and email automation

  • Ai Visuals Course

Ai Course for interior industry


My name is Maryna King

My name is Maryna King and I am an interior design professional, much like yourself, paving the way for your Ai. 

I'm here to guide you with tangible insights and industry-specific strategies. 


This course is meticulously tailored with recommendations and case studies rooted in the interior sector. 


Because it empowers you with hands-on expertise to seamlessly infuse AI into your business. 


With over two decades in the styling industry, my experience is yours to tap into. My credentials span completed marketing studies, a colour and design certificate, and a foundation in Interior Design. As an early adopter with a firm belief in AI's potential.

I also run my own accessory brand, offering insights from that realm. 

Maryna King Ai Mastering Hub

Need One-On-One Ai Coaching?

For the interior designers and stylists, property stylist and home decor retailers who crave a learning experience crafted just for them, our One-On-One coaching sessions are the perfect fit.

Here, it's all about customising your learning to seamlessly blend with your unique business needs. From embedding AI into your marketing efforts to optimising your daily tasks, we guide you through it all.

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