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AI as Usual? Think Again with These 5 Unconventional Business Uses

Updated: Jan 30

Every day, we find ourselves swamped with new AI 'shiny objects' that are now available. Before we realise it, we're grasping at straws just to remember all the amazing tools and their functions, ending up so overwhelmed that we take no action.

Does this sound familiar?

I always only focus on a handful of AI tools and, once I know them well, I'll move on to the next one. But in this blog, I want to share a few ideas that you might not have thought of for using ChatGPT in your business and making you aware of all these additional ideas before you head off to the other shiny AI platforms out there.

Here are five ways you probably didn't think of to use AI to help you in your business.

AI as Your Personal Tech Support Not so long ago, my website developer was on leave, and my website SSL certificate had expired. I needed to renew it (and if you're wondering what an SSL Certificate is – you've proved my point). So, I consulted ChatGPT, which provided step-by-step guidance to resolve the issue. At first, I didn’t get it right and received error messages. When I relayed these to ChatGPT, it pinpointed exactly where the mistake was, making it super easy to fix.

AI for Personal Well-being and Productivity Running a business is intense. There are times when you feel run down and in need of a recharge. You can ask ChatGPT to act as your personal wellness coach, for instance, by having it craft a 7-day plan tailored to help you relax and refocus. This plan could include everything from mindfulness exercises to time management strategies, ensuring you return to your business rejuvenated and more productive.

AI as Your HR Partner Recruiting the right talent is crucial for any business. You might already have a list of questions for interviews, but you might need it updated or to create a new list for a specific and highly demanding role. ChatGPT can assist in creating a comprehensive questionnaire to interview candidates, suggesting questions that assess the specific skills and knowledge necessary for the role, thus making your hiring process more efficient and effective.

Struggling to Keep Your Business Organised? For any online business, organisation is key. AI can assist with strategies to streamline your operations. For example, you could prompt ChatGPT with your process: "I have a fashion accessory brand, and from the moment I go online to order products to managing delivery and warehouse organisation, I end up wasting a lot of time. Can you create an organisational structure for me based on this?" ChatGPT can then provide a structured plan to enhance the efficiency of your business operations. But in addition to that, you can include the members of your team, their roles and strengths in the business and ask ChatGPT to allocate jobs to the the various staff members when it create the organisational structure. So amazing!

AI Can Create Complete Brand Guidelines for Your Business AI can serve as a tool to develop comprehensive brand guidelines for your business. By inputting your company's core values, target audience, and brand mission, AI can analyse this information to recommend a cohesive set of guidelines. These could include your brand's preferred colour palette, typography, imagery, and even the tone and personality of your written and visual content, ensuring that your brand communicates consistently across all platforms, from your website to social media to print materials. This creates a recognisable and memorable brand identity, which is vital for connecting with customers and building trust. AI simplifies the process of creating these guidelines, making it easier for businesses to maintain a strong, consistent brand presence. Sign-up to our Newsletter for a complete breakdown of this process, next week - click here

In conclusion, AI is not just a buzzword; it's a multifaceted tool that can revolutionise various aspects of your business. From technical support to human resources, from organisational strategies to customer engagement, the applications of AI are diverse and significant. Incorporating AI in your business operations can lead to improved efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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