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Colour Your Brand's Story with a Touch of AI Magic.

Updated: Jan 30

Establishing a visual identity for your brand doesn't necessarily require substantial financial investment or the assistance of a marketing agency, however if you have those resource, go for it. But if you don't, it's possible to craft a distinctive brand image. Here, I'll show you how to do this using AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, starting with the critical element of the colour palette.

For this demonstration, let's consider a business that offers personalised fitness coaching for women, primarily conducted outdoors to embrace the natural setting. This business, also offering organic food recipes, is based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Based on these specifics, ChatGPT crafted a visual identity encompassing both colour palette and typography.

Introduction to Visual Identity: The visual identity for this fitness coaching business encapsulates the essence of outdoor training, nature, and organic living. It aligns with principles of wellness, natural beauty, and personal care, combining fresh coastal colours with the vitality of outdoor activities, tailored to appeal to women seeking a personalised, holistic fitness and nutrition approach.

Colour Palette: This palette is inspired by the coastal environment and the business's natural, organic ethos:

  • Primary Colours:

  • Light Green (RGB: 229, 207, 187): An earthy-toned green that evokes serenity and a natural feel.

  • Dark Green (RGB: 135, 165, 153): Though lighter than anticipated, this shade still reflects the essence of natural foliage.

  • Secondary Colour:

  • Blue (RGB: 62, 63, 39): A dark, subdued blue-green, reminiscent of the dense coastal foliage.

  • Neutrals:

  • Cream (RGB: 164, 192, 186): A calming, light, creamy green.

  • White (RGB: 222, 229, 220): A nearly white, clean, and minimalistic shade.

"Note on Colour Accuracy: The RGB values are approximate and might vary on different screens. For accurate colour matching, especially for printing, it's advisable to use a colourimeter or similar device."

I want to expand a bit on the previous paragraph that ChatGPT generated as there were a couple of errors in the RGB codes. For instance, the RGB code that ChatGPT suggested for the 'Dark Green' actually turns out to be a lighter shade when I double checked it in Photoshop.

Looking at the illustration below, the RGB code Dark Green (RGB: 135, 165, 153) is a lighter green. But other than that, I am happy with the colours that it created in the image.


Primary Typeface: "Open Sans"

  • Usage: This will be used primarily for headings and titles.

  • Characteristics: Open Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface known for its legibility and friendly appearance. It conveys a sense of modern professionalism while being approachable, making it perfect for engaging with your clientele.

  • Guidelines: Use for large headers on your website, promotional materials, and as the main typeface for signage.

Secondary Typeface: "Raleway"

  • Usage: Ideal for body text and secondary information.

  • Characteristics: Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface with a more delicate structure, which complements Open Sans. It provides a clean and sophisticated look, enhancing the readability of detailed content.

  • Guidelines: Utilise for body text in brochures, website content, and client communication materials. Also suitable for captions and smaller print items.

The use of Open Sans and Raleway provides a balanced and harmonious typography scheme, complementing the overall brand identity.

Below are an illustration of the fonts that ChatGPT has suggested.

The combination of Open Sans and Raleway offers a balanced and harmonious typography scheme. It reflects the natural, fresh, and empowering nature of your brand, ensuring that all textual elements are not only visually appealing but also highly legible and functional in various contexts.

With the colur palette and typography defined, your brand's visual identity is now well-established, reflecting the core values and aesthetics of your outdoor personal fitness coaching business on the Sunshine Coast.

Attached is a framework that you can use to create your brand guidelines, feel free to download it and use it to prompt ChatGPT.

Brand Guidelines Framework
Download PDF • 159KB

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