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Creating Stand-Out Content in a Copycat World: Tips to Originality and Engagement!

I've been thinking a lot about a concern that's on many of your minds: making your content stand out and different. With concerns about originality and plagiarism, I want to share tips to keep your blog posts, stories, articles or any content fresh and unique to your brand, avoiding repetition.

Firstly, adding your personal stories and experiences not only makes your content more relatable but also distinguishes it as unique.

Keep the tone light and conversational, as if we're chatting over coffee, to maintain relevance and engagement (obviously where relevant). I am mentioning this because Ai platforms create content with no emotion and by adding this element of emotion your content will sound less like an Ai generated piece.

Incorporate recent events or personal insights to demonstrate engagement with the world and apply real-life lessons to your content. Remember, for now ChatGPT4 only has access to content prior to April 2023.

Including user-generated content (UGC), as noted by Search Engine Journal, can decrease site abandonment by 24%, boost conversion rates, increase average page views per session by up to 15%, and raise advertising revenue by over 18%. So not only will it make your content unique it has so many other advantages.

People value their time, so deliver valuable insights, ensuring they leave with new knowledge.

I hope these tips will guide you in your AI journey, not all may apply, but hope it will be helpful.

In addition to the reference to Search Engine Journal, I also want to give credit to Neil Patel and his team for their brilliant piece on SEO and SGO where I pulled inspiration from.

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