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Maryna King Ai Coach


My name is Maryna. I’m really excited to join you on this AI journey. It’s all about making things easier and more efficient for your business. I’ve learned a lot about how to use AI to save time and boost efficiency, and I’m here to share these insights with you. My goal is to keep everything simple and easy to understand, avoiding any complicated terms. Let’s explore how AI can fit seamlessly into your business together.

My Story

As a small business owner, I'm all too familiar with the scarcity of time and the juggling act it requires. This reality drew me to Ai as the ultimate time-saver that doesn't compromise on quality. I start simple, focusing on a few key platforms to build your confidence. From there, I introduce the latest and most relevant tools and platforms. Despite the overwhelming options out there, the methods I teach are tailored for immediate application and tangible results.

Diving into the world of technology, I found my passion in designing software that simplifies tasks for interior stylists and designers, allowing them to focus on what truly matters. My journey through both service and product-based businesses, from launching my own home decor line to crafting beautiful spaces as a qualified interior designer, has given me a broad perspective on the challenges small businesses face.

Living and working in Dubai, taking on projects like setting up water sports stations between the Palm Islands and launching car series for high-end clients like Jaguar, has taught me the value of innovative solutions in diverse settings.

Through workshops for big names like Adairs, BigW, Kmart, and Harvey Norman, I've honed my ability to demystify complex concepts. My goal is to empower you with Ai tools that save time without skimping on quality, making your business journey a bit smoother.

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