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One-on-One Ai Coaching to help small businesses

Bespoke One-On-One AI Coaching Sessions

Boost your business with personalised One-On-One AI coaching sessions. Tailored to your unique needs to drive growth and innovation.

Maryna King Artificial Intelligence

Exclusive One-On-One AI Coaching Sessions

Tailored Solutions: We understand that every small business is unique. Our one-on-one AI coaching sessions are customised to address your specific challenges and goals, ensuring the strategies we develop are perfectly aligned with your business needs.


Action-Oriented Learning: Our coaching is designed for immediate impact. Learn today, apply tomorrow—integrate AI solutions seamlessly into your operations and start seeing results right away, saving you time and money.


Ongoing Support: Gain access to all session recordings and materials, enabling you to revisit key insights and refine your approach as needed. Our support doesn't end with the session; we're here to help you continuously improve.


Efficiency and Growth: Our AI solutions streamline your operations, allowing you to focus on high-value tasks. This not only boosts efficiency but also creates significant time and cost savings, turning every moment into an opportunity for growth.


Competitive Edge: Stay ahead of the competition with innovative AI strategies tailored to your business. Our personalised approach helps you leverage AI to enhance your marketing efforts, improve decision-making, and scale your operations effectively.​View a list of examples of tasks that we can help you with.

Imagine this outcome!

Creating a month's worth of social media content in less than 8 minutes.

Batch create 30 days worth of social media tiles in less than 5 minutes.

Creating 30 supporting images in less than 9 minutes.

A year's worth of blogs in under 30 minutes.

Potentially experience up to 20-hour weekly boost in productivity.

Creating a design brief in under 2 minutes.

..... and so much more!

Take us up on our 30 minute FREE consultation to get a clear understanding on how we can help you!

Saving Time and Money by using Ai

The Investment That Will Continue To Give Back - GUARANTEED!

In line with our philosophy, our training is straightforward:

a 5-week program, one hour each week.


We are flexible and if you want to fast track it, no problem, discuss this with us.


It's designed to be easy to follow, giving you time to digest and practice what you've learned.


Questions along the way? No problem.

We address them in your next session, keeping your learning journey smooth and simple.


Your investment is $800 excl. GST over a 5 week period (1 hour per week).

One-On-One Ai Coaching

Embark on Your Journey to Success!

What you can learn

Here are some examples of what we can cover in our customised coaching sessions, tailored to fit your business needs:​


AI for Business Basics: Learn foundational AI concepts and applications.

Ai for Business Basics: Maximise efficiency and innovation in your operations.

Ai in Marketing: Drive engagement and elevate your brand's visibility.

SEO Optimisation: Enhance your website's ranking and online presence.

GEO Optimisation: Ensure your business get found by Ai search engines

Content Creation: Create compelling content that captures attention.

Automations: Save time by automating routine tasks.

Passive Income: Generate revenue with minimal ongoing effort.

Your Own GPT for Your Brand: Tailor Ai communications to fit your brand's voice.

Ai Images: Produce stunning visuals quickly and easily.

Customer Service: Improve response times and personalise customer interactions.

Chatbots: Be available 24/7 to your clients

Sales Enhancement: Increase conversion rates and boost sales.

Brainstorming: Generate innovative ideas and solutions.

Form Creation: Streamline data collection and customer feedback.

Efficient Operations: Enhance productivity and streamline business processes.

Data Analysis: Make informed decisions with data-driven insights.

Prompt Engineering: Instantly generates relevant and accurate information.

Plagiarism Free Content: Create content that is unique and plagiarism free.

PowerPoint Presentation: Elevate your presentations 10 times faster.


And there's more where that came from. Every session is designed to give you actionable insights and strategies, helping you to effectively integrate Artificial Intelligence into your business."

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