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Empower Your Industry with Cutting-Edge AI Group Coaching

Learn AI in group sessions tailored to your industry. These focused sessions educate your team on how AI can grow your business, streamline your daily tasks, and boost your efficiency and creativity. Join us to see the impact of bespoke AI coaching on your organisation.

Customised Group Coaching!

We're living in a time where AI is changing the game, and keeping up isn't just a bonus – it's essential.


At Ai Mastering Hub, we get that.


That's why we offer customised Ai tutorials that are all about you and your organisations needs.


We'll help you not just get the hang of Ai, but absolutely nail it, taking your skills and know-how to awesome new levels.

How does Ai work

How does it work?

Embarking on our Ai customised Group Coaching journey begins with a deep-dive questionnaire, designed to pinpoint your group's unique needs and areas of focus. This initial step ensures that our coaching is not just generic, but meticulously tailored to the pulse of your organisation.


With the insights gathered, we create a bespoke framework that outlines the strategic coaching plan, submitting it to you for approval. 

This collaborative approach guarantees that our coaching aligns perfectly with what your team or members needs.


Our experience spans a diverse clientele, from hairdressers to artists, tradies, fast food franchises, online shops, interior designers, to lifestyle product companies, equipping us with the versatility to adapt to any industry.


Trust us to deliver a coaching experience that is as unique as your group, ensuring your members are well-versed in leveraging AI for business excellence.

Who is it for?

If you're an organisation or association dedicated to staying at the forefront of your niche, our Ai customised Group Coaching is tailored just for you. We understand the importance of keeping your members informed and ahead of the curve with the latest business trends.


Our program offers comprehensive group coaching that leverages cutting-edge Ai tools to enhance learning and engagement. With our expert guidance, your team will not only grasp the nuances of integrating Ai into business strategies but also gain hands-on experience to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge. ​​


Where do we do the coaching sessions?

No matter where you are in the world, we've got you covered.

For those at a distance, our online coaching sessions bring the learning to you, wherever you are. And if you're near us on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, we're more than happy to come to your location. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and commitment to working with you to create the ideal learning environment that suits your needs best.

Teaching business groups how to use Ai

The Investment That Will Continue To Give Back


In line with our philosophy, our training is straight forward and we keep things super easy.


It's designed to be easy to follow, giving you time to digest and practice what you've learned.


Each organisation is different and we can tailor sessions for you, for example one session can be focussed on prompt engineering, the next on social media and so forth.

We also tailor what we teach to your specific niche so that the content is relatable.


If this sounds like something interesting that you would like to offer to your members or employees, feel free to contact us to discuss this in more detail.

What Are Some Of The Topics We Cover?

Here's some examples of what we can cover in our customised coaching sessions, tailored to fit your business needs:

  • Ai for Business Basics: Maximise efficiency and innovation in your operations.

  • Ai in Marketing: Drive engagement and elevate your brand's visibility.

  • SEO Optimisation: Enhance your website's ranking and online presence.

  • GEO Optimisation: Ensure your business get found by Ai search engines

  • Content Creation: Create compelling content that captures attention.

  • Automations: Save time by automating routine tasks.

  • Passive Income: Generate revenue with minimal ongoing effort.

  • Your Own GPT for Your Brand: Tailor Ai communications to fit your brand's voice.

  • Ai Images: Produce stunning visuals quickly and easily.

  • Customer Service: Improve response times and personalise customer interactions.

  • Chatbots: How to train a chatbot.

  • Sales Enhancement: Increase conversion rates and boost sales.

  • Brainstorming: Generate innovative ideas and solutions.

  • Form Creation: Streamline data collection and customer feedback.

  • Efficient Operations: Enhance productivity and streamline business processes.

  • Data Analysis: Make informed decisions with data-driven insights.

  • Prompt Engineering: Instantly generates relevant and accurate information.

  • Plagiarism Free Content: Create content that is unique and plagiarism free.

  • PowerPoint Presentation: Elevate your presentations 10 times faster.


And there's more where that came from. Every session is designed to give you actionable insights and strategies, helping you to effectively integrate Artificial Intelligence into your business."


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